Responding to Refugees ….

I’ve been frustrated with how many Americans seem to be responding to the idea of Refugees from Syria being allowed to start a new life here in the United States.  I haven’t been able to put into words my own thoughts, but a friend I have a lot of respect for on Facebook, posted this to her status, and I feel like it hit the nail on the head with regards to pointing out what the response is vs. what it should be and offers a great comparison to explain the perspective her and I share.

ISIS is not synonymous with Islam. There are many versions of Islam, just like there are many versions of Christianity. The vast majority of Muslims do NOT agree with ISIS’ doctrinal positions. ISIS is so radical that they consider many Muslims apostates and have thus killed Muslims too.

Also, ISIS is not synonymous with Syria. ISIS has seized control of some Syrian land, but they are not part of the Syrian state.

It’s like if the KKK seized land in, say, USA Georgia and declared themselves sovereign there…. and then started killing black people AND white people who refused to agree that black people are inferior… and the worst of the attacks were in Georgia, in South Carolina, in Florida, in Mississippi. And then imagine a bunch of these black and white people wanted to flee Georgia, and South Carolina, and Florida, and Mississippi.

Would you blame them for wanting to leave?? Would other U.S. states throw fits about Southerners leaving their home states and moving to western or northern states, and scream that NONE of them should be allowed in because SOME of them might be KKK radicals in disguise?

When did we become such a cowardly country? Why are Americans willing to risk death fighting terror, as long as we’re dropping bombs or shooting with guns, but we’re not willing to assume (any; less) risk in throwing open our arms in hospitality?

Maybe this is a clunky comparison. Maybe I’m not making sense. It’s late. I’m tired.

But why are we so willing to send our troops into harm’s way to perform violence, but we’re not willing to accept some small risk ourselves to perform hospitality?

Are we that hard-hearted?

~Jenca’s Facebook Friend~

Below is a link that I hope people will take a moment to look over.  They discuss facts about the process that a person has to go through just to be classified as a refugee, and then what they need to do before they can be considered eligible to relocate to a country other then where they came from or where they are presently located. It also explains the expectations placed on each refugee once they are cleared to relocate to the United States for example and the process doesn’t end with them stepping foot on US Soil … the entire process from start to finish I think would be safe to say takes years to go through and based on what I’ve read, is not a process I envy the people going through it on any level. – FAQ




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