“Half a century after the marches”

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This March 7, 2015 article and videos on the WhiteHouse.gov website are of what I will call a historic moment as President Obama and his family visit the place of several Civil Rights marches in Selma that happened 50 years ago.  I call it historic, because we have our first African-American President speaking at a site that was once the site of a huge struggle for equal rights and without this struggle not only in Selma, but everywhere that Civil Rights marches and related activities occurred  had not happened, and the racial norms seen 50 years ago were still true, then President Obama would likely never had an opportunity to run for President or many of the other opportunities he has had.  It’s like we get to see both the past struggles and one of the results that came from those struggles.  I won’t pretend that we have completely erased racism or discrimination in its many forms, but I will say that progress has been made and the struggle continues but seems to be improving little by little.

Bloody Sunday (1965) - Alabama officers await ...

Bloody Sunday (1965) – Alabama officers await demonstrators at the Edmund Pettus Bridge From http://www.usdoj.gov/kidspage/crt/voting.htm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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