Wiener Trouble: Oscar Mayer Wienermobile crashes in Pennsylvania

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This February 16, 2015 Daily News Article covers an accident involving one of Oscar Mayer’s Wienermobiles … according to the article bad weather was to blame, and no injuries were reported.  I definitely didn’t expect to wake up and read an article about a motorized hot dog crashing here in Pennsylvania …. I find myself chuckling over the idea, but at the same time realize it could have been more serious so I am dubbing this to be a funny but not funny article.  I think in terms of accidents, it definitely tops the one I heard about when I was a kid involving an armored truck that was making it’s rounds and ended up laying on its side in someone’s front yard …. would love to go to that yard with my metal detector, but I imagine I’m not the first to have that idea.  My Dad was on one of the ambulance crews that responded to the armored truck roll over so I pry heard more reliable details about the wreck then most did.  I think the only injury in the armored truck accident was a bruised ankle that likely would have been crushed if the ground hadn’t been saturated with water making the ground soft the guy in the back of the truck got his foot pinned between the truck and the ground when a door opened during the crash, so he basically had the full weight of an armored truck on his lower leg I’m guessing he was thankful for the mud at that point.  I can now say that the Wienermobile though is th most unusual crash I’ve heard about.


Wienermobile (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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