“Robin Williams to Be Memorialized in WoW”

Article Link

Robin Williams

Robin Williams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This August 12, 2014 IGN article comes within days after the death of Robin Williams who was found dead in his home last Monday.  Like many people I have been dealing with a sense of shock and a whole bunch of other emotions in part because of a personal experience I had in trying to save someone else from killing themself which ended up being a futile effort on my part, but the pain of that effort has been stirred by the death of Robin Williams.  I for the most part have put myself in a bit of a media blackout so I can focus on my needs and not get overly caught up in what the world is saying about his death.

A good friend of mine though who knows that I had a lot of respect for Robin Williams as an actor, and secondly knows that I enjoy playing World of Warcraft, sent me the link to the article I linked to above.  My response to my friend after I read the article was along the lines of “This is one of the best Robin Williams related articles I’ve seen since his death”  which while being a bit of a knee jerk response is one that I honestly feel is true from my perspective.  I wanted to share this gem with others, and thought that sharing it here seemed like a good place to do so.

I look forward to crossing paths with the NPC Blizzard Entertainment will be adding to the game in memory of Robin Williams who based on the article was a serious player in World of Warcraft.


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