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This March 5, 2014 Clergy Family Confidential blog post made me chuckle.  I had attended an Ash Wednesday service last night, and was among those who had a reflex type response and nearly said “Alleluia” at a point in the service just before Communion.  After the Service, I commented to my Mom that I had an “Alle-oops” moment during the service, and was thankful I wasn’t the only one.  At that point I thought I had cleverly invented an original word to describe my error.  Well, I woke up this morning (Thursday) and as usual started wandering around Facebook while I sipped my morning tea and waited for my morning medications to take effect.  I came across a link to the Facebook page for Lent Madness while looking over the website for Lent Madness.  And on the Facebook page, the most recent status was a link to an article with the title I quoted for this post.  Of course I had to read it, since the title was almost identical to the word I thought I had invented, and well, it definitely made me chuckle, so I decided that even though I generally don’t post items about religion on my blogs, I wanted to make an exception this time because of how the blog post I read this morning tied in so wonderfully with my own creative thoughts from yesterday evening after the service.

English: Ashes imposed on the forehead of a Ch...

English: Ashes imposed on the forehead of a Christian on Ash Wednesday. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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