A heavy heart

Below is something I had originally posted on Facebook, but wanted to share elsewhere as well.  I had written it on February 11, 2014 in response to an overwhelming sense of what I can only call “hopeful hopelessness”  I call it that because as I show in what I wrote, I feel overwhelmed by the task at hand, but yet am still holding on to hope for the future.


Here’s what I had posted on Facebook …..


  My heart feels heavy today … not because I’m sick or anything, but just because I keep thinking about how fortunate I am to have what I have but am saddened


Food (Photo credits: http://www.campgroundsigns.com)

that there are folks in the world who are struggling every day some have found shelter in temporary housing but others are trying to survive on the streets. I want to help them, but honestly the issue is so huge it’s impossible for me to do anything on my own, so I’m going to work on finding ways I can help through others who are already doing the work. My project that will be announced this Sunday is one thing I can do to maybe make their lives a little better, but it is a small drop in a huge ocean. But I’m hoping that maybe I can make one person’s world a little better even if it is only for a moment that their hope gets rekindled and they can gain an ounce of strength to keep pressing on through their struggles. I think of these things every time I leave my apartment and contend with the elements knowing my struggle with the elements is for a moment, while others it could be moths or even years that they face the elements with not much more than what they can carry to protect them from the cold, rain heat and any other weather related element … I think in many ways that for the homeless, time is probably their worst enemy because the more time they are on the streets the higher the risk to their health and safety seems to be.

My hope continues to be that every human in every corner of the earth would have safe affordable housing, adequate supplies of healthy food, clean safe water to drink, and that there would be less of a financial gap between the rich and the poor with policies being made to help everyone and not simply designed to pad the already fat wallets of the rich…. greed is what is fueling the gap.


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