My benefits from gaming

There are those who view my passion for gaming as a waste of time, but to be honest over the years, I’ve realized that for me, there are benefits to myself that come from gaming.

  • I get to relax my body while allowing my brain to run wild.  I have arthritis and there are times when my body just can’t keep up with my mind due to pain and stiffness, so in between stretching and such to loosen up my joint, I will game so I can step back from my pain and discomfort a little and not feel like the pain is consuming me.
  • working the controls for many games such as Diablo III, Medal of Honor Warfighter, Skyrim or Defiance, offer therapy for my left hand that has nerve damage.  I don’t have full use of that hand, but gaming allows me to work on using the fingers that are injured, while doing it in a fun way.  I am able to figure out ways to incorporate those fingers into gaming, but because I’m also focused on a game, it makes it less frustrating to work those fingers.
  • skill building …. not gaming skills in this case, but rather social skills.  With the vast array of games on the market today that have a social part to them, I find that I can use gaming as a safe place to practice my social skills.  If I’m working on something specific, and it just doesn’t seem to be working out in the real world for whatever reason, I will use games like World of Warcraft to work out the kinks in what I’m working on.  Approaching people I don’t know terrifies me, and gamers can be tough to approach since a ton of trolls are out there who simply find pleasure in disrupting other people’s gaming experience.  I figure if I practice in a sea of trolls, and gain confidence there, then the real world should be a little less terrifying to navigate socially.

I have other hobbies and interests as well that include cycling, geocaching, metal detecting, walking, reading, knitting dish cloths, researching questions I have, blog and I’m sure there are others I didn’t list.  So yes, I do have a life beyond gaming.

For me though, gaming goes beyond the obvious things like killing stuff in a fake world, and offers me in a sense, I place I can practice and hone real world skills



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