March 22, 2012 Metal Detector finds

I went out with my metal detector today, and found something odd, yet cool at the same time.  Considering I generally find a ton of pull tabs and found none of those today but found of all things, a working flashlight.  I didn’t have my camera with me when I was out, so I took the pic included below once I got home, but in the pic you can see the flashlight which I turned on to prove for the pic that it works, which really surprised me when I tried to turn it on after I pulled it out of the ground and it came on.  It was under some wood chips, in the layer where the wood chips are packed and starting to decompose, not including the loose layer, that I pushed to the side, the flashlight was about 2 inches below the surface of the packed layer.

The other items in the pic include …..

a mangled pop can (guessing it fell victim to a lawn mower)

1 quarter

2 dimes

1 nickel

2 pennies

and a Skoal snuff can lid

I need to clean the coins up before I’ll know dates on them, but one of the pennies looked like it might say 1977 the rest weren’t readable when I pulled them out of the ground, but I could make out markings to be able to tell the difference between the pennies and dimes.


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