Metal Detector finds from 5-20-2010

This was a particularly interesting day in terms of variety of objects found, nothing that I would say has much value, but still some odd things were found that day.  Below is a pic of the finds from that day ……  The brown glass bottle (IBC Root Beer) was something I picked up off the surface, but everything else was concealed to varying degrees in the ground.  I found my first nickle that day it was a 1977 US nickle so I was pleased about that since nickles and pop tabs show up the same on my detector I never know what I’m digging up, but that’s part of the thrill for me being surprised with each find.

I think the thing that I thought was most odd, was the red bic type lighter.  It is probably easily 99% plastic, but I think it was a little tiny piece of metal tube that allowed the fluid to be released from inside the lighter so it could be ignited that my detector picked up on.  it was maybe an inch or 2 below the surface and after I removed it, I made several passes with my detector to make sure that I wasn’ missing something  else and the detector was silent so that was why I think it was the little metal tube that triggered a signal.

I’m finding that sandboxes are both intriguing and scary in terms of finds … itrigueing because I find lots of odd things, but scary because some of the things I find look like the resultof a pop can meeting a lawnmower blade that in turn shreds the can and hurls it in into the sandbox where it gets buried.  These can be pretty jagged and those are what I find that are scary about sandboxes thinking about the safety of kids playing in the sand digging holes and not knowing there is something sharp that could cut them below the surface is a little unsettling for me, but I feel good when I find the items like that and remove them kind of like I saved a kid from possibly needing a tetnus shot.

As I said the items below were all found on May 20, 2010 over the course of about 3 hours in a location I’ve been frequenting that was the site of a school that has since been torn down and part of the property was turned into a grocery store, while the other part has been turned into a community type park with a playground, ball field and such.  it’s not real big, but I’m finding that it’s a fun site to use my detector at.


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