Newbie detectorist

Before you ask, yes, I’m the newbie or as some would prefer to spell it Noob  detectorist.  I bought a metal detector in 2001 and used it a couple times then it ende up in the closet until the past week when I dug it out and started playing with it.

My first day I found 56 cents, some pop tabs a handful of candy/gum wrappers and I forget if the fork was on day one or day two, but somehwere in there I found a fork in a sandbox.

Day 2 I found 11 cents, a couple more pop tabs, and some scary sharp pieces of metal I gladly removed from the sandbox.  I felt good about removing the sharp metal because I got scraped by it myself when I was digging it up, but felt good that it wasn’t going to be a problem for an innocent kid playing in the sand.

I skipped a day because I felt like crap to put it mildly, female stuff combined with sore muscles from using my detector the two days prior.  Not use to moving in the ways I was moving when I was swinging the detector and then digging for whatever was making the detector beep.

Then went out today, and found 6 US pennies, 1 Canadian penny, 2 US dimes, 1 US quarter, 2 bottle caps, and an odd piece of foam that my detector registered as a coin. That was weird to say the least.

The first day I went out with my little hand trowel, my dog, and my detector not thinking at all about where I would put things I found, so my pockets ended up being where everything ended up…. I now have dirt in my pockets.

The second day I took a couple plastic grocery bags for my finds, but decided that it still wasn’t quite what I wanted to use.

The day I didn’t go out, I thought about ways I could have a more hands free setup using items around the house.  I decided a backpack could be used to carry my beverage and extra plastic bags.  I found some key clips that are like the clips rock climbers use, only mine are more for decoration, but they seemed like they would do the trick.  So I took one clip and attached it to my trowel, the second clip I attached a bag to and hung it on the righthand strap of my backpack, and then took a third clip and hung a second bag on the left side of my backpack.  one was for metal and the other for non-metal to save me from having to sort it out later.  I liked the idea that my hands weren’t tied up with trying to contain bags, but at the same time I can only assume that people might have thought I was some weird bag lady so I’m thinking this setup will be temporary until I can get something more efficient.

I read some place that Home Depot has nail aprons they sometimes give out for free, but since I don’t have a Home Depot in my area I’ll check with other similar businesses and see if I can track down something from them I’m pretty sure they’ll have a nail apron, just not sure of the price, but I can’t imagine they would cost much so it’s worth pursuing.

I had gotten my detector back in 2001 it is a Bounty Hunter Pioneer EX and while I’m enjoying it, I think the only thing I would like different is for my detector to have a headphone jack which mine doesn’t have so everyone in earshot of me knows when I might have found something which I’m sure they are thrilled about.  So, if I get real serious about this renewed hobby of mine, I’m thinking that for everyone else’s sake, I might try to save up and get a detector that allows me to use headphones.  Aside from that I’m having fun with it so far. 🙂


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