I’m experimenting with voice recognition software thought maybe it might be good for those times my hands hurt but yet I feel like writing.  It feels strange to be talking to my computer instead of pressing buttons but despite having to make a few corrections it seems more accurate than my typing.  I have to wonder though what people will think if they come in and I’m talking to my computer.  I imagine some may think I’m crazy until they realize I’m dictating, then they may think it’s a cool idea.

I feel like I’m always finding new things to do with my current computer and often amazed as the results.  I know speech recognition software it has been around for a while lets be honest this is a first time I found in use for it.  Kind of fun to play around with but I also feel that it could have benefits for those with disabilities.  I think part of the amazement I have with technology is due in part to the fact that I have been surrounded by it since I was a kid.  When I was a kid personal computers were new concept probably for the first few years of my life a computer took up an entire room, mind her life I’ve spent watching computers get smaller and more powerful.

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